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Kirti Rathore

A multifaceted woman with a dream to succeed, Kirti has always been far from the influence of her blue blooded background. Blessed with exceptional talent she dared to dream and broke the conventional expectations of a traditional Rajput household. Kirti was born in a Rajput family, belonging to the Naruka clan that ruled Alwar. Her mother was a traditional housewife who belonged to the royal family of Bundi. Her father a doctor, passed away before she was born, leaving behind a single parent to look after Kirti and her elder sister and brother. Kirti completed her education from Sophia, Ajmer. She did her Masters in English from Rajasthan University and under the influence of her mother sat for the RAS exams. In the meantime, being intelligent and bright student she got selected in NIFT Delhi. While in NIFT, she was called for interview for RAS having cleared her written exams. On her return to Jaipur, however, destiny had other design for her. The family did not approve of her joining the civil services and instead she got married. The budding bureaucrat /fashion designer became a housewife! A woman of determination, Kirti’s desire to pursue her passion in design never left her. She received great support from her mother in-law, elder brother in-law and husband Tejender.

In 2007, with a second hand machine and one tailor, Kirti made a humble beginning. An old machine with fresh ideas created wonders and brought her back to the glittering world of fashion. Today Kirti has 3 prestigious fashion shows under her belt. She designs for various celebrities in Bollywood and television. She has recently been engaged to design outfit for her childhood hero, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan to be worn by him in one of the programs. For Kirti, designing for Big B is truly a dream come true. Nothing succeeds like success and for Kirti Rathore nothing is enough. She now dreams of showcasing her exclusive designs on the ramps of Paris, Milan and New York, revealing Rajasthan to the world. Spiritual in soul, Kirti thanks Sai Baba for giving her strength and determination. She believes her father, her role model is always watching from heaven and is proud of where she is today. His compassion for the downtrodden has inspired her to dedicate some of her shows towards social causes. She also works closely with HIV infected children. This creative tireless woman believes that success does not come in one day but nothing can stop success if one is true to oneself.

Niharika Sharma

Its easy to dream a dream but it makes a difference when you achieve it. And one such women who had dreamt of being on the top hailed from Aurangabad, Bihar had started her journey down the years. After bagging the "Best Concept Award" from Pearl Academy of Fashion, she has explored the variations of fashions since then. She did Wills India fashion week where she showcased her lovely western outfits. The young dynamic designer has successfully brought about her imaginations that we can see in her collections. Niharika, being a celebrated designer, has also done Kid's Fashion Week that showed the young part in her. Her collection showcases her thoughts and imaginations with such vividness that it brings about her collection with an extra L'Oreal both Indian and Western.

Preeti Kukreja & Piranha Golds

YMCA’S Best Fashion Designer 2010 award winner Preeti Kukreja and Piranha Golds are known for design innovation, forward thinking and extra ordinary inspired collection, which produced top sales season after season. extremely creative and well developed fashion design professional with extensive in orchestrating all aspects of clothing and designs operation while demonstrating attuned attention to detail and inventive quality

Collections - Harshita Bharadwaj

Being a fashion designer, I want to challenge the boundaries of imagination by re-living the classic design fundamentals of my country, with elegane and sensuality. I design beautifully, sensuous and path breaking clothes for the lovely, urbane and fashionable women of the world. My uniqueness lies with the idea of making collection with some intension, i.e. my collection not only talks about fashion and creativity but also about emotions, feelings, innovation and experiment behind that creation. Like preveiously, I worked with the concepts of reusing of clothes creating innovative silhouettes with gamut of indigenous fabrics which also maintain the earthiness of Indian handloom and delicateness of today's urban fashion. Taking about my collections, Mélange- the Power of Expression, here, I have tried to make something unique and fashionable using my grandmother's bhagalpuri silk saris. As she is no more with me, I want her to be with me in some or the other way. So, I finally got the solution of it and then I decided to use her saris which she said are mine after her. In this way, I was successful in keeping my granny's love forever in the form of my creation.

Indian Designs By Richa

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